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Nothing compares to the delicious aroma of freshly brewed Australian grown coffee.

That’s why we only deliver freshly roasted coffee, direct from our farm to your door! And, don’t forget we offer FREE postage within Australia if you order three or more kilograms of coffee at a time!


Roast Profiles


Plateau Gold® Distinctive local aroma, a sweet clean flavour, mellow and nicely balanced. This is our signature roast, winning the prestigious Champion Espresso of the Show at the Sydney Fine Food Show. A superb morning coffee!


Rainforest Pleasant spicy acidity, complex flavour medium body. Ideal main meal coffee!


Dreamtime® A light bodied snappy cup with pronounced acidity. Naturally lower in caffeine, enhanced with a mild held roast to capture the delicate aromatic oils within the bean. Ideal for late afternoon drinkers and the health conscience because it’s 98% caffeine free!


Wild Bush Bean® Heady aroma with caramel overtones and full body. This coffee is double roasted to surface and caramelise the delicate oils, creating a strong, gently bitter lingering aftertaste. Australia’s own European style coffee!

Ground or whole bean? All our roasts are available in the following grinds:

  • Whole Bean
  • Percolator (coarse)
  • Plunger (medium coarse)
  • Drip Filter (medium fine)
  • Espresso (fine)
  • Stovetop (very fine)
  • Turkish (powder)


At Home’ and Office Coffee Equipment

A versatile object equally at home in a kitchen or office lunch room, the coffee machine plays a key role in the preparation of a good brew.

At Australian Estate Coffee we offer a variety of coffee machines to suit any budget. From the traditional plunger to a fully automatic espresso machine, we can help you find what you’re looking for.


Plunger (French Press) A Plunger or French Press uses steeping rather than filtration to brew coffee. Heated water and coffee are mixed and steeped for two to five minutes. A wire mesh filter (plunger) is then pressed down slowly through the water and coffee, isolating the grinds at the bottom of the pot. You will need a medium coarse grind and must allow 10 grams per cup.


Dripolator (American Pot or Drip Filter) As the name suggests, water drips through the coffee, captured in a filter and travels into the jug ready for drinking. You will need a medium fine grind and must allow 8 grams per cup.


Stovetop (Italian Cafeteria) A Stovetop or Italian Cafeteria has three chambers. The bottom chamber is used to boil the water, the middle one contains the ground coffee and the top chamber is where the coffee brews into. You will need a fine grind, and must allow 7 grams per cup.


Australian Made Ceramic Coffee Mugs Enjoying your Australian Estate Coffee ‘cuppa’ would not be complete without an Australian handcrafted ceramic mug.

We have four ceramic mugs to choose from – why not collect them all!

  • Plateau Gold®
  • Rainforest
  • Dreamtime®
  • Wild Bush Bean®


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