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Q: Do I have to brew my coffee or is it like instant?

A: Yes, you have to brew Australian Estate Coffee; it is NOT instant soluble coffee.

Q: How do I brew my coffee?

A: The Golden Rules ~ Always use filtered water ~ Always clean your equipment after use, as coffee has natural water soluble oils that will go rancid if left and will spoil your next ‘cuppa’ ~ The longer coffee is in contact with water the stronger the brew, and therefore the coarser the grind needed ~ Always preheat cups and equipment ~ Always use just off the boil water ~ Always measure the quantity each and every time for consistency.

Q: What coffee machine can I use to brew my coffee?

  • Percolator: In a percolator, steam pressure is used to raise hot water up through a central tube to spray continuously over ground coffee held in a perforated basket. You must use a coarse grind and allow 15 grams per cup.
  • Plunger (French Press): A Plunger or French Press uses steeping rather than filtration to brew coffee. Heated water and coffee are mixed and steeped for two to five minutes. A wire mesh filter (plunger) is then pressed down slowly through the water and coffee, isolating the grinds at the bottom of the pot. You will need a medium coarse grind and must allow 10 grams per cup.
  • Dripolator (American Pot or Drip Filter): As the name suggests, water drips through the coffee, captured in a filter and travels into the jug ready for drinking. You will need a medium fine grind and must allow 8 grams per cup.
  • Stovetop (Italian Cafeteria): A Stovetop or Italian Cafeteria has three chambers. The bottom chamber is used to boil the water, the middle one contains the ground coffee and the top chamber is where the coffee brews into. You will need a fine grind, and must allow 7 grams per cup.
  • Billycan Coffee™: An Australian camping classic! Your coffee beans need to be ground very coarsely, and the best way to do this is to crush the coffee beans with two stones when out camping. Use at least 20 grams per cup.
  • Ibrik (Turkish method): An Ibrik sits directly on the stove or over a flame and the coffee is brought to a gentle boil. The coffee should be ground so fine that it has the consistency of flour. Allow 5 grams per cup.
  • Commercial Espresso Machines: You will need a very fine grind and must allow 7 grams per cup.

Q: Can I take my coffee into another Australian state?

A: YES. Our coffee is roasted and sealed so there is no problem taking it into another state within Australia. It is only raw food products such as fruits, leaves or berries that pose a threat.

Q: Can I take my coffee outside of Australia?

A: YES. In the roasted form you can, there are no restrictions. However it may be subject to import duties in other countries. Check with the customs office in the country you are intending to visit.

Q: How can I order if I don’t have a credit card or cheque book?

A: There are two other methods of payment if you don’t have a credit card or cheque book. 1) Money Order – available from Australia Post. 2) Direct Deposit. Send your order through with a note to say you would like to Direct Deposit into our account. Orders will be sent once you send us a copy of your deposit confirmation slip.

Q: How can my friend order coffee if they don’t have access to a computer?

A: You can also order over the phone, simply call our order hotline 1800 043 611 (within Australia) or +61 2 66285139 (outside Australia). Or via fax +61 2 66285129

Q: How long after I order my coffee will I receive it?

A: We roast and dispatch all orders every Monday and Wednesday. 

Q: Can I order as a surprise?

A: YES, simply specify on the order form the person and their address that you wish to send the order to and include your details for billing.

Q: How do I store my coffee?

A: We recommend you store your coffee in an air tight container in the freezer. There is less than 1% moisture in roasted coffee so it will not freeze. If stored in the freezer your coffee will not take on any smells or flavours from your kitchen. We also recommend that you only grind your coffee as needed, and store it as whole bean.

Q: How fresh is my coffee?

A: Australian Estate Coffee is roasted fresh to order. Unlike many international coffees which can be roasted in another country and shipped over to Australia before being sold, sometimes up to 12 months later.

Q: How long will my coffee stay fresh?

A: If kept the correct way (see how do I store my coffee?) Australian Estate Coffee will remain fresh for one month and start to deteriorate after 6 months (but once tasted it won’t last that long anyway!).